HYBE’s bad actions towards BTS and ARMYs

1. Coordi

Forcing BTS to wear luxury collections without checking the size

They suddenly fell in love with the retro concept and dressed BTS in weird clothes

Clothes are not ironed even though they are on the cover of Time magazine, not the right length and shoe size

2. Weverse shop

Delivery delay

Defective products

Delay in processing refunds

3. Price

The album costs 300,000 won (not reflected on the charts)

In addition, there are a lot of goods with sky-high prices

4. Novels, webtoon

The content has absolutely nothing to do with BTS, HYBE just uses BTS for business

5. Military service

HYBE did nothing even when BTS was cursed

6. Trademark registration

They tried to register the trademark “Borahae” that V created

They used Bang Si Hyuk’s emoji that Jungkook created

7. Staff

They ignore fan questions

Treating the members badly

The manager drove his girlfriend in BTS’ car