HYBE’s bad actions towards BTS and ARMYs

1. Coordi

Forcing BTS to wear luxury collections without checking the size

They suddenly fell in love with the retro concept and dressed BTS in weird clothes

Clothes are not ironed even though they are on the cover of Time magazine, not the right length and shoe size

2. Weverse shop

Delivery delay

Defective products

Delay in processing refunds

3. Price

The album costs 300,000 won (not reflected on the charts)

In addition, there are a lot of goods with sky-high prices

4. Novels, webtoon

The content has absolutely nothing to do with BTS, HYBE just uses BTS for business

5. Military service

HYBE did nothing even when BTS was cursed

6. Trademark registration

They tried to register the trademark “Borahae” that V created

They used Bang Si Hyuk’s emoji that Jungkook created

7. Staff

They ignore fan questions

Treating the members badly

The manager drove his girlfriend in BTS’ car

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Logic Thinker

This is a bullsht post get the fck out like PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT CAKES?

like defective merch is a proble they can’t look themself but the producers… and please the situation about outfits… THE MEMBERS CAN ALWAYS ASK FOR LARGER OR SMALLE CLOTHES THEMSELF… and SOMETIMES IT’S THE TREND TO WEAR LARGER CLOTHES.


If you don’t like something like the webtoons then dot consume it.
The military issue… as of a company can fight the government and the “reporters”

hate company shooter

Damn are u stanning the company or the group? i cant stand company ass licker like u


you people are fucking idiots these kinds of posts ALWAYS pop up when bts are about to do something huge 😭 like all of these complaints are literally a year or even YEARS old why post this now the day of the busan concert but we know places like this is the home of antis and solo antis please leave bts and armys alone we do not need yalls help 😭😭😭

But I wasn’t done…

Y’all always say people are targeting BTS birthdays or comebacks when the truth is BTS is always doing something so then when is it a good time to talk about real criticism of the company? Truth is it’s never a good time because armys are company stans with sheep mentality.


requesting clothing in ur client’s size is basic for a stylist, what do u mean the members choose that??

also bts work so hard on their artistry for hybe to cheapen their brand with these webtoons and games.

the merch i don’t buy but if ur gonna release new merch every damn week you should be able to deliver on it!


Actually bighit really carrying company than the others but when they announced hybe consume bighit, pledis etc. Something is changed about bts. But if we compare bighit and others i think bighit would be the winner of security, carrying, high quality album and promotions. Also i have to say that bts grew bighit and brought it to today. All success because of Bangtan 💁🏻‍♀️

But I wasn’t done…

Some of this stuff is a big reach but others are valid. But you’ll never get armys to call it out because they think calling out the company is calling out the boys. Armys will watch BTS suffer just to keep Hybe from criticism. It’s crazy.


fr hybe company stans are 🤡

WhatsThe Point

Only jobless people complaint abt cakes.
It’s literally called a collector’s edition, clearly u haven’t seen the prices of collector’s edition of other products.
Weverse shop and ever since they got ygx as the distributor, things have been defective even their albums.

WhatsThe Point

The timing of this post ain’t lost on me.
Busan concert is less than 24h away a


honestly I think it’s a good thing that the collector edition is not include in the charts , some armys may mass-buying it for charts purposes like ifpi and it’s not like they are forcing the fans to buy . Collector editions has always been expensive anyway generally .

Not gonna comment on the cake , if bts are rookies I probably understand the outrage but bts at the stage where they can speak up if they are disatissfied with the cakes , seeing how pretty their cakes are this year , seems like they read these complaints.

the trademark mmm personally not really sure what going on behind the scene . Maybe Tae gave permission for Hybe to trademark it , or are they silently doing this behind Tae or they are in rush to trademark this to avoid other parties outside to use Borahae ? who knows tho , their legal teams can discuss among each other , each member got their own legal team , they said so when they talked about contract renewals.

The clothes , idk what to say about that , I agree the styling on bts can be mid and then the next day the stylist does a good job like it’s just a cycle man , and they always in suits but I understand, like they already like in the end of their 20s , not like we can expect some rookie type of styling on them .




OP probably lives in a one-bedroom apartment but is out here worrying about a billion-dollar company and multi-millionaires’ well-being. Girl, I’m sure they’ll be fine….

namtiddies@10th june

Ajumma go get a job instead of writing useless post

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