HYBE’s letter to fans, artists, employees and shareholders of SM Entertainment

HYBE: The letter to fans, artists, employees and shareholders of SM Entertainment

1. I’m really curious about the outcome of this takeover

2. I hate HYBE, but I hate Kakao too

3. They’re the largest shareholder, but they haven’t taken over SM yet… They’re talking like they’ve already taken over SM

4. SM said that they never asked HYBE for help, but is it okay to do this unilaterally?

5. I wish SM could sue HYBE for crossing the line

6. Whatever it is, it’s sad that SM is still a label in the end

7. Please respect and love your current artists first

8. HYBE finally won?

9. Bang Si Hyuk will become Lee Soo Man when he gets old

10. They’re talking as if they came to save SM who’s in trouble?

11. Isn’t HYBE raised by ARMYs? They are so arrogant

12. That company is now like Lee Soo Man’s accomplice, so I don’t like them no matter what they do

13. NCT, let’s become like BTS

14. K-pop is over now

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Hybe will ruin sm I bet


SM has already ruined by their management and BOD. Tf are u talking?! 🤣 The fact that LSM was able to embezled SM money for so many years with their knowledge (and maybe their blessing) is a proof how corrupt SM internal management is.


They already ruin, everyone in dungeon. Whats gonna change?

Hi, I'm Guest

Well as 1st reply stated, sm already ruined. But HYBE is welcome to ruin them more. It’s one of my 2023 wishlist

White cat

They don’t need to ruined something that already been fck up since the early day with their slave contract and multiple tax evasion and the board of directors letting that grandpa to embezzled from the company itself. That the only reason why hybe or kakao m can buy the company share. Its because the shareholders want to sell it. 🤣




What is left to ruin, SM is in the trenches lol


Have u guys forgotten these BODs used Aespa members to talk to their investors before???


bitch where? 😂


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Tf these people talking about? Hybe is the one should sue for that defamatory and false video SM put out, even the ticket prices they used were misleading so make hybe look bad, sm stans are screwed in the head. Stupidest stans ever.


Pann has a lot of sm company stans so the reactions are like that


Yep, as always it’s pann nate=hate unless you’re from SM


SM was the one who got so aggressive. Hybe just gave a response/clap back. How could Hybe be the villain here? LOL


Sm stans are so stupid


“Kpop is over” LETS GOOOOOO


Ugghh…salty..salty..so salty. I bet these comments come from paid fake knetz. This is SM’s fault in the first place. Hybe only took their offer. How come its Hybe’s fault? 😂 Funny. SM get Hybe’s money but make them as if Hybe a villain. You all are just salty bcs those shares was bought by BTS money.


“10. They’re talking as if they came to save SM who’s in trouble?”
Thats is exactly what happened tho


Yall have been complaning a lot about HYBE for people that say they hated every comeback from SM since 2020


It’s obvious that SM has not being doing the best for their artists, especially in the past few years. Even without the rumors, one could easily tell that something was up, be it their artist’s management, creative direction or general welfare. So the fact that they’re in this mess does not really come as a surprise to me.

As for HYBE, this wasn’t some act of charity where they ‘saved a competitor for the sake of K-pop’ or whatever. Becoming the largest stakeholder of SM is a lucrative move for them. SM is not just a music label; they have multiple affiliate businesses, not only in the entertainment industry but others as well.

I can see how a short sighted k-pop stan might conclude that they are ‘flops’ because their artists didn’t chart on billboard or go viral on tiktok, but at the end of the day, they run multiple profitable businesses, which will now benefit HYBE as well. HYBE themselves are yet another business looking to expand their profits and reach, which is the ultimate reason for this investment, not because of some savior complex LMAO. Having SM’s legacy in their roster will benefit them in more ways than one.

I’m no company stan and so I don’t really care about this M&A. If this means that the artists I like get more budget for their comebacks, more creative freedom, better marketing (which I think is the area SM seems to struggle with the most, especially in recent times) and more fair contract terms, then I think it’s for the best.

As a long time kpop fan, I literally grew up with second gen SM groups, and I’ve found joy in seeing them grow and evolve as artists as well. I just wish to see them promote happily and do what they love. That’s pretty much all that I hope for. (And for them to finally be free from their cult-y megalomaniac crazy ass founder)


they’re not being arrogant, I mean people been asking what SM would get from this partnership or whatever you called it and they answered about it. And it’s true tho, SM artists are stuggling in those regions Hybe mentioned, they’ve been trying to break the US market since Boa in 2005/2006 and it failed, did it again with SNSD, failed again, barely make it with SuperM and even that they copied and studied how BTS be able to did it and how they can manipulated that way so their group can make it into BB200.


salty sm stans 🤣 still can’t get over that their heyday is over


First order of business: disband nct and EXO and this will all be worth it


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