HYBE’s reaction after NewJeans filed petition to the court

NewJeans files petition to the court but HYBE continues to ‘actively support’

Amid the ongoing legal dispute between HYBE and Min Heejin, it is reported that all members of NewJeans have filed petition to the court. However, HYBE plans to continue supporting NewJeans’ activities

According to the music industry on the 18th, five members of NewJeans filed petition to the court on the 17th. However, despite this, HYBE still maintains their stance that they will support NewJeans’ comeback activities so that there will not be any disruptions

1.This is bull$hit

2.Do they mean they will actively support long vacations?

3.Who will believe it?

4.I just hope that NewJeans and ADOR will safely part ways with HYBE

5.Didn’t see them promoting NewJeans’ comeback. Do they provide any support?

6.They don’t even do any promotions

7.I hate HYBE so much

8.Please accept NewJeans’ greeting first

9.Since they have to make money with NewJeans and invest in ILLIT, of course they will actively support

10.What support can they give NewJeans if they don’t even promote them right now, assholes?

11.What are they doing now?

12.They don’t do any promotional activities for NewJeans ㅠ

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