HYBE’s response to SM Lee Sung Soo’s video made netizens lose faith in them

HYBE “Lee Soo Man’s tree planting? we’ll not get involved unless it’s directly related to SM”

1. HYBE and Lee Soo Man match well because they’re both money-hungry

2. Considering that Bang Si Hyuk had respected and praised Lee Soo Man before, I don’t think he knew about that business

3. HYBE is also a criminal ^^

4. It’s true, so they can’t refute it, so they’re pretending to be stupid

5. Of course, HYBE has nothing to do with what Lee Soo Man did with his money

6. Just look at what HYBE did to BTS, please leave HYBE

7. Now, no matter what they say, I can’t believe HYBE

8. Is this why the employees are so against HYBE taking over SM?

9. It’s too late to say that what Lee Soo Man does has nothing to do with HYBE

10. From HYBE’s point of view, this is true, they take over and manage SM, not Lee Soo Man

11. What do you talking about? Didn’t Lee Soo Man change the lyrics of SM artists?

12. So what is Bang Si Hyuk’s statement?

13. Stop playing with words and tell me what happened behind the scenes

14. Who believes in HYBE now?

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when this was revealed, I thought the CT Planning is Like Planning but just realized both of them are two different things when I read back the Hybe’s statement regarding this yesterday.

But comment No.10 is kinda true tho


i just don’t get it because people’s problem was that they were afraid hybe was going to change things & bang pd just rephrase the pr usual they wanted to hear especially to lee soman case I mean that his senior too.


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White cat

So hybe is buying his share in sm . How can hybe control other company that Lsm have outside from sm company??


right? like i’m not understanding how hybe’s problem, this whole thing should’ve been talked about when lee soman was planning to start his side business.


Chris Lee & Kakao trying to confuse HYBE’s position with LSM. H is coming in as investor only, not in replacement of LSM’s role


I mean koreans are more easily deceived by word of mouth than by seeing actual proof anyway idk how it became a hybe problem. the whole thing started with sm entertainment. the sm executives allowed lee soman to do this because they benefitted from it like how they became innocent? chris lee yt video worked & got the sm fandoms on his side which he wanted


these comments look like a bunch of kids who knows nothing about business…


Okay tell me the difference between ros and bos if you know so much about buisness.
We can start with these two terms full forms first of all.


Or we can start with some basic buisness terms too. Tell me why it’s so important for you as a buisness owner to save your equity in your company. And who’s much equity of your company can you really give to your investor?
Since they are kids and you are pro so you can answer these two of my questions related to buisness very easily.
And no cheating. Cause I can easily determine you are copying from Google or not.


How much of any equity you can really give to your investor?


What a bunch of morons. Typical sm stans.

Lazy Banana

Sorry Pann girls but the truth is your comments mean absolute shit in the grand scale of things lmao. Keep stanning that Chris Lee who happily went along with LSM until he got fucked and then started “exposing” things like, why didn’t you speak out before, nepo baby? You’re just as complicit but you sure know when to jump ship lol.


What a misleading headline pannkpop, if you go Naver articles regarding LSS, Korean netizens are roasting Lee Sung Soo, his hypocrisy, nepotism and betrayal of his uncle. Kakao with its recent troubles and controversies are under tremendous amount of scrutiny from Korean netizens, no wonder this ppl are trying so hard to deflect the negativity to HYBE.
Korean netizens are aware how Kakao have aggressively taken over businesses over the years. The owner of Kakao himself had to issue an apology last 2021 because of how his company have pushed small businesses in to the corner leaving them without a choice.

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