Hyeri is being criticized on Instagram

Hyeri is being criticized on Instagram

“You ruined the image of 2 fellow colleague actors with just a few characters, why did you do that?”

“You’re going to kill Han So Hee ㅠ Please prepare another statement to clarify yourself. If you keep doing this, you will really kill someone”

“You’re the one who created this mess and you’re cosplaying as the victim”

Why are they criticizing Hyeri?

1. Why did they do this to Hyeri? Hyeri, please sue them all

2. They must be fans of Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol

3. What is Hyeri’s crime?? Wasn’t Han So Hee the one who posted this??? Those people are so funny

4. There are many people who have nothing to do

5. I hope Hyeri will sue them all

6. Hyeri doesn’t need to do anything anymore

7. I think Hyeri has said everything that needs to be said from her point of view, but what else can she say?

8. What else does Hyeri have to explain? She’s already told you everything she needs to say

9. No, Hyeri already spoke up, so why are they acting like that?

10. I hope she sues all comments that cross the line

11. Han So Hee’s fans are truly disgusting

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