Hyeri personally spoke out about Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee with shocking revelation

Hyeri’s Instagram update

1. She should apologize directly to Han So Hee, not to the public. What did Han So Hee do wrong?

2. Hyeri and Han So Hee both failed

3. (((Han So Hee))) (((Hyeri)))

4. Oh my god, I feel sorry for both women ㅠㅠㅠ

5. I feel sorry for both Hyeri and Han So Hee

6. I hope that Hyeri can control her mind and meet good people

7. Han So Hee also only believed what Ryu Jun Yeol said… I feel sorry for both of them

8. What the hell is Ryu Jun Yeol?????????

9. I sincerely believe that no one is at fault, it is natural for people to be imperfect, the bad people are reporters and netizens

10. She said that they still talked after the breakup article so from Hyeri’s point of view, things haven’t been completely resolved yet

11. Honestly, I think Ryu Jun Yeol did something wrong. Han So Hee was criticized for no reason, I feel sorry for both women

12. That’s transit love. The kids who claim this is not transit love are the ones who have never been in a relationship

13. I hope that she meets someone better

14. That man is so bad

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