Hyeri posted an Instagram story amid Ryu Jun Yeol’s dating rumors

Hyeri’s Instagram story


This just appeared

It was posted on Instagram 20 hours ago

1. I support Hyeri

2. What’s in it? Anyway, I support Hyeri

3. Why? They didn’t break up, right?

4. But does it matter if you break up and meet someone else? Are there any other problems?

5. If you just unfollowed someone you followed until now, it’s not a meaningless post

6. Hyeri was following Ryu Jun Yeol until she posted this on Instagram, but she just unfollowed him..

7. What happened?

8. Hyeri, didn’t you post it because you enjoyed your trip??

9. The photo that Hyeri posted was confirmed to be a Thai hotel. Which Hawaii?

10. Hyeri is traveling to Thailand and staying in a hotel in Thailand

11. The photo Hyeri posted shows that this is Thailand, not Hawaii

12. Could it be that she and her ex-boyfriend just happened to be in the same hotel in Hawaii on the same day?? What is this?

13. I wonder what is happening;;;

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