“I can understand why K-pop is so popular” Netizens talk about Produce Japan’s ‘Dynamite’ stage

Produce Japan’s ‘Dynamite’ stage

1. Why are they dancing like that?

2. Japan has a professional dancer training system, and there are a lot of good dancers, so why are idols so bad at dancing?

3. Honestly, when I see Japanese idols working in Korea, there are many times when I feel awkward…

4. I thought they sang better than I thought..? But it’s lip sync

5. If you’re going to cover something, you should watch the original stage first… I think the middle and high school dance clubs would have done better

6. They look so funny, I can understand why K-pop is so popular

7. Korean idols are on another level, so there seems to be no future for Japanese idols

8. The proportions are really important.. No matter what they do, they don’t look good ㅜㅜ

9. They work hard, but they look like people who have practiced without even looking in the mirror

10. After witnessing this, I realized once again why Korean idols are so popular

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