“I can’t even feel how big NewJeans Minji’s hands are”

Her hand shape is really big, I think it’s the same or bigger than TWICE Nayeon’s hand

1. Her face is small so her hands look bigger

2. I was surprised when I looked at the second picture, I think her face is so small

3. I have a reason to go to the fansign…

4. Wow her hands are so big

5. I feel that her fingers are so long and her hands are also so pretty..

6. Minji is really cool…

7. Seriously, when Minji first appeared in public, I thought she was innocent and pure, but her way of talking and personality is so cool that you can’t help but be a fan,,,,

8. I thought it was because she has a small face… But looking at her phone and drinking cup, I feel her hands are really big

9. Minji is tall so I’m not surprised

10. She must have a small face

11. Wow, I thought she had a small face, but her hands are really big, daebak

12. I don’t know because I only see Minji’s face

13. Minji unnie…. I want to call her unnie

14. Wow her hands are so big.. so jealous……

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she is eerily similar to taehyung. they even look similar, their aura too.

Dot Com

She’s his secret sister. That’s why he never showed his siblings face. It’s tru it’s tru


Knetz pay attention to the most silly things. You don’t hear ppl talk about hand and head sizes anywhere else


Imagine Wonyoung and Minji doing a high five


It’s so charming tbh. It’s like having big ears, it’s a cute.

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