“I didn’t know V danced so well” Netizens are going crazy over BTS J-Hope & V ‘on the street’ challenge

BTS J-Hope & V ‘on the street’ challenge

1. The combination of V and J-Hope is so good. The choreography is the same. Both are good

2. Seeing BTS members dance makes me understand why they are so popular

3. Wow, V is crazy, he’s so good

4. Wow, V’s dance is crazy, both are so cool!!!!

5. I miss Taehyung on stage

6. J-Hope is J-Hope, but I’m surprised that V is so good at dancing. This combination is amazing. I want to see the two of them as a dance unit

7. Recently I watched Taehyung on variety shows, so I forgot that he dances so well

8. After all, the combination between BTS members is the best

9. I can’t see his face, so I can see him dancing, his dancing skills are crazy

10. Wow, I didn’t know V danced so well. I was surprised when I watched the video. J-Hope and V dance so well

11. Taehyung dances so well, people don’t know he’s good at dancing because they only see his face

12. He dances so well, I didn’t know V danced so well

13. BTS is BTS, they dance so well

14. J-Hope is the main dancer so I know he dances so well, but what is V’s dance, he dances so well

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He’s a pretty good dancer and combined with his charisma and facial expressions on stage, then you’ll see why there is a long list of 4th gen kpop idols who bias him or considers him a role model

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His talent is only in the kitchen, washing dishes


Worry about Jennieโ€™s talent being spreading STDs around Seoul


Tae washing dishes in a show gets him paid in millions

Your favs are washing their dishes and gets paid dust lol


He’s earning way more than what you will earn all your life combined. You’re far below him so know your place

dot com bubble

5. I miss Taehyung on stage

Same. I wish the rest of the members would tour like Yoongi but ofc it’s up to them how they want to go about with their individual careers. But really if they tour individually, that’d be so amazing.


I hope the rumor about V having a fanmeeting in june is true. Miss him performing on stage.


It’s fanmeeting for siminvest, right?




I mean many rookie wouldn’t named him as role model if he is only visual lmao taehyung has always been good at dance or performing on stage, he has charisma, he has aura, he has that groove!


He’s average dancer lol
You guys over hype him cause he’s good-looking


You’re blind. If he’s ugly and flop, you are the one who will hype him and cry that he doesnt get recognition as he should. We know you’re jealous that your flop group are not relevant while bts member stay relevant and trending everyday even without grp activities๐Ÿ˜†


It’s not his fault that he’s beautiful lol. Now cry ๐Ÿ˜˜

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His challenge is literally the best along with jimin’s one. And both jimin and hobi have been dancing since they were children and were primarily dancers so considering he is up there with them even after learning to dance when he was 16? Its impressive.
And he is def better than your faves both in face and dance game. Now stfu.


Hobi said Taehyung learned the choreo in just five minutes.


Tae is a lead dancer, man eats up any choreography thrown at him. He is a different on stage


9. I canโ€™t see his face, so I can see him dancing, his dancing skills are crazy

11. Taehyung dances so well, people donโ€™t know heโ€™s good at dancing because they only see his face

Being beautiful is a blessing and a curse I guess


Remind me of suzy. Her visual overshadow her vocal.


Kpop stan like to underestimate bts members’ dance and their synchronisation. If army or others say bts is synchronisation group, kpop stan always say jin and rm are dance hole. But the funny thing both jin and rm rarely do a mistake and always in sync. Bts always give 100% and never slack off. If bts are not popular, kpop stan will hype bts talent…just like during 2014~2015 era. I remember that kpop community always hype them. But now since bts are bigger than their fav, they dont want to acknowledge bts talent anymore and said bts is mediocre lol


Exactly, BTS members can’t be accused of being bad dancers, Hobi wouldn’t allow it, he always strives to point out their mistakes and they always listen to them and improve. Taehyung improved so much that’s why he is part of the dance line. 


As an artist V is extremely under-appreciated. Most army still don’t acknowledge him in danceline even though bts choreographer himself said V is in danceline


they say always trust on what the members say but are fighting with their lives not to admit he’s a dance line member the hypocrisy is so sad & funny


That part


most of armys protect the danceline title more than they want to protect taehyung smh. they fight like there’s no tomorrow if we say taehyung can be part of danceline. like- is taehyung not bts member?? why are they so against it like he’s an outsider

Shu Yan

He not only dances he also has best facial expressions when dancing


V is the best when performing more freestyle, hip hop dance. He always put his own twist n make it more unique. Mr son seung duk even acknowledged that V always add some idea about their choreos. He has creative mind.


y’all aren’t ready for Taehyung’s solo i just know it


yeah, we aren’t ready for flop


Stop describing ur whole fav career

WhatsThe Point

Y’all sleep on dancer tae. Man literally got added to the dance line of BTS on his own efforts, w/o any formal dance training unlike the other 3 dance line members.

Same with how y’all were surprised yoongi can dance extremely well when that that was released. He literally did b-biy before he got into the accident.

Seungri reformed

And he washes dishes even better. ๐Ÿ™‚ dishyung

Color color stan

Seungri washes the buttholes of prisoners better ๐Ÿ™‚ prison bitch


is the best you could come up with LMFAO

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Worry about Jenfad busy washes old rich man money & asking for new brand deal +promotion

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Hobi said tae learned and directed the video in only 5min. Some love to discredit him but he is seriously a good dancer and he makes everything seems easy and smooth like he is just feeling the music .He is the king of vibe and swag


took yall not seeing his face to pay attention to a bit of his talents
when i say he’s the most under appreciated idol


#11 gets it. Taehyung has been killing the dancing with his own smooth style and a lot of times outshines 3j but armys are stuck on positions so he never gets his flowers.

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I want to see him dancing for his solo debut but I think he’ll go to jazz or relaxing songs more for his album


He can still grooving or doing swing dance for his jazz song


Did they forget his main job lmao


Prob not fans who commenting? Thats why they didnt know lol

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