“I don’t know any BTS songs, what’s the problem?”

I don’t know any BTS songs, what’s the problem?

I only know a few highlights, but I don’t know anything else.

My relative who is an ARMY asked me why I don’t know any BTS songs….

Does everyone know at least one song??

1. That is possible

2. I’m sure you’ve listened to a lot of BTS songs. In my experience, I have listened to all BTS songs either accidentally or intentionally

3. I only know the chorus of about two songs, I don’t know the rest. Do I really need to know everything because this is a song by a world famous group?

4. You know Dynamite, right?

-> I don’t know

5. I only know a few choruses

6. Aren’t there many cases where people only know the highlights unless they are fans??

7. If you know the highlights then you also know the song, right?

8. You just need to know the highlights

9. Whether you know BTS songs or not, you know BTS

10. But you know BTS

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