I know BLACKPINK doesn’t have a leader, but is there such a thing as an underground leader?

I know NewJeans doesn’t have a leader, but they have a member who has the same leader role as Minjiㅋㅋㅋ I’m curious what BLACKPINK is like

1. They have it ㅋㅋ It’s Jennie

2. I think it’s Jisoo

3. Wow, I thought Jisoo was the leader

4. It’s good to share roles with each other

5. Jisoo, Jennie.. It was Jennie who expressed her opinion to the agency.. Jisoo is the person who supports the spirit in the group

6. No, they keep taking turns

7. When they practice the choreography, it seems like Lisa is the leader

8. I watched their interviews, I guess it’s Jennie

9. But BLACKPINK doesn’t seem to think about the role of leader, no one stands out the most and they’re all excellent

10. Jisoo, right?

11. I think it’s Jennie or Jisoo

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Rosé is like blackpinks dingleberry. She used to be a singer, but compared to the 3, she’s just… there… lost thin Rosé with blonde hair in her face who spins in circles, swinging her arms likes she’s alice in wonderland… bleating gone like a goat (the animal not the g.o.a.t)… Jennie you better get some wet wipes. There’s so many times you can get called pretty until it loses all meaning

Control panel

They need leader to be more disciplined, that’s why their attitude in stage is so bad. No passion whatsoever


OK ms “basically” and “control panel” now get a life


Agree with you, they’re so messed up because they’re lack of discipline, and one of the reasons is they don’t have a leader.


Agree. Back then, 2ne1 not really strong dancers but they all they try to look passionate in performing. One of reason probably because they have a leader, which is CL.


Agree. Thats also why they struggling doing interviews as well. No one among them seem care to do research. Big reason why grammy voters never care about bp. They dont see bp passion as artist. Its so obvious when they struggling answering questions about music.


Bp don’t have the numbers or achievements in the west to turn the Grammys head let alone the passion as a “new 8 year old” artist.


Es Teddy oppa


teddy’s the leader

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