I really wonder about BLACKPINK’s ‘Born Pink’ first week album sales

BLACKPINK just released their 2nd full album, and I really don’t understand their first week album sales

BLACKPINK’s first week sales were 2.14 million copies on Circle (Gaon), but they only sold 1.54 million copies on Hanteo

What’s the difference between their first week album sales on Circle and their first week album sales on Hanteo? I really don’t get it

Anyway, they’re #1 on the list of highest first week album sales of all-time for Kpop girl groups

Can you guys explain this?

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Circle is about SHIPMENTS. Hanteo about certified hanteo sales from certified shops that are from hanteo. so most of the “us sales” are shipments only and they count for circle and not hanteo


The US sales are around 100k that doesn’t make up the difference.


So this means they have a lot oh shipments in some other countries like Thailand sand China probably


the album is still being shipped all over the world btw, im from latam ans my go order still has not been shipped, hanteo is only certified sales on hanteo approved stores, also every single group has a difference between hanteo and gaon(circle) look it up and you will see lol BP gap between hanteo and gaon is small compared to other groups

Jj dw

I think just like gaon
Henteo count true sales of album but gaon counts shipments wether the album is sold or not gaon count it as sales .. plus henteo has lesser stores in count unlike gaon who included more stores that matches their sales conditions … So gaon will always have a bigger sales then henteo


iirc one of baekhyun’s album has more sales in hanteo than circle lol

But I wasn’t done

One day y’all gonna admit that bp only relevant in the east and media played in the west.

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