“I totally agree with BTS’ military exemption” Netizens on Naver talk about BTS meeting the US President at the White House

Biden-BTS, doing the ‘finger heart’ at the White House… “What BTS does is good”

President Biden shared, “People listen to what you (BTS) say, and what you do is good for everyone. This is not because of your talent but because of the message you communicate with people. This is the important point”

1. [+1237, -19] Daebak… Korean singers at the White House.. They were even invited by the President of the US…

2. [+613, -13] Wow, the President of the US knows more about BTS’ influence than our politicians!

3. [+299, -100] Okay, they should be exempt from military service! Seriously, I totally agree with BTS’ military exemption!

4. [+53, -6] They are seriously the treasures of Korea.. Which Korean can speak privately with the US President and go to the White House? You would never have imagined this before

5. [+40, -4] We acknowledge that they are working hard to promote national prestige

6. [+36, -1] The President of the US invites Korean singers instead of American singers, this is daebak, right?ㅋㅋ

7. [+48, -18] Please exempt them from military service