I was shocked after seeing deepfakes of Song Hye Kyo and BTS V

I think we need to make related laws and regulate them

There are already memes and videos of both going around. Both are fake

1. Wow, this is scary;;;

2. I saw Song Hye Kyo’s meme… It gave me goosebumps…

3. In the future, you can create and spread rumors about celebrities yourself

4. Wow, it looks more natural than I thought

5. It’s a really big problem… I’m really worried about the future of the world

6. I think it’s best for you not to post your face on SNS

7. I’m not sure about V but Song Hye Kyo is scary

8. Honestly, I know it’s not V but she looks exactly like Song Hye Kyo

9. The woman’s face looks so real, but the man’s face looks fake

10. V looks fake but Song Hye Kyo looks real

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