Icon of the 3rd generation? Is it the one top girl group TWICE?

Don’t they have the highest cumulative album sales among female idols of all generations? They work the hardest and their songs are the highest rated among 3rd generation female idols. I don’t think there are any objections

1. Everyone has different opinions, but TWICE is the top girl group, when it comes to 3rd generation female idols, you can’t ignore TWICE.. They have a big fandom and a lot of hit songs

2. Isn’t it BLACKPINK?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. I always thought it was BLACKPINK

4. I think BLACKPINK has the most records among female idols even though they don’t have a lot of activities

5. Maybe it’s BLACKPINK overseas, but in Korea, it’s TWICE

6. Why are you asking when you’ve made up your mind?

7. I’m a fan of male idols, but in Korea, TWICE is the most popular girl group… And the 4th generation female idols are doing so well

8. It’s TWICE, TWICE’s sales in Japan are 10 times higher than BLACKPINK’s sales, but TWICE’s sales in the US are not much different from BLACKPINK’s sales

9. I agree

10. TWICE has a lot of hit songs. TWICE’s 3rd album has the highest score among Korean K-Pop albums, 100/100 based on NME

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