Idol fans are divided over ISAC’s return after 2 years

‘ISAC’ returns after 2 years

MBC has begun discussions to resume the ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’

1. I hate ISAC… Idols aren’t even athletes; I’m worried that idols will get injured

2. Idol fans hate ISAC, but honestly, there’s nothing more fun and relaxing than watching ISAC during the holidays. Even the elders watch it and say that idols are good at sports

3. What’s the reason you don’t like this? Are you afraid that idols will get injured?

4. I hope it overlaps with my idol’s tour time

5. I want them to play eSports

6. I really hate it

7. Because the ratings are good, MBC can’t give up on ISAC

8. MBC, don’t do this, why are you like that?

9. I hope my idol doesn’t go there ㅠㅠㅠ

10. There are a lot of rookies who debuted these days, so it’s a chance for them

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