Idol who is the youngest (currently) among the official idol members of the Korean Copyright Association

As of 2023, there are about 20 idols who are members of the Korea Copyright Association

Among them, the youngest idol so far is

Stray Kids Han (his real name is Han Jisung)
Born in 2000, 22 years old

He’s an all-rounder, he can rap, sing, compose and dance

Top 3 songs

For your reference, out of the 20 idols who are official members, there are 3 idols who are Stray Kids members (Bangchan, Changbin, Han)

1. Is he only 22 years old???? He’s so young

2. I didn’t know he was so young

3. Han Jisung is a genius

4. Collision is really good, it has become my favorite song

5. Wow ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think these songs are good but I didn’t know they were composed by the members

6. Han’s songs are so good

7. Jisung’s emotions are amazing

8. Oh I got goosebumps!!!!! I really like these songs!!

9. Han sings, dances and raps so well

10. I hope Han is more known in the music world

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