Idol who reminds netizens of BTS V

Idol who reminds me of BTS V

Kwon Hyeop from Produce 2

Every time I see him I think of V so I wrote this post

1. I thought it was V

2. Wow, they look alike

3. Does he have the same style as V?

4. V + Sung Hoon + Roy Kim

5. He doesn’t look like V but looks like Sung Hoon

6. They really look alike. Maybe they look alike because of their hairstyle… He’s handsome too.

7. I thought it was V when I saw the first photo

8. He doesn’t look like V. He looks like Sung Hoon

9. I thought it was V in the first photo

10. He looks a bit like an actor but I can’t remember his name

11. If you look at their faces, they don’t look alike

12. Their eyes and nose look so similar

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