Idol who seems to shoot the most CFs among 4th generation idols

IVE Yujin

1. I thought it was NewJeans. Yujin shot a lot of CFs!?

2. If you’re Korean, you can’t help but like that face, regardless of age or gender

3. An Yujin, daughter of Daejeon, treasure of Korea, angel born of K-pop

4. NewJeans has a lot of CFs, so I thought it was NewJeans

5. I thought it was NewJeans, but Yujin has a lot of CFs

6. I have fallen in love with Yujin since Produce

7. Advertisers seem to like Yujin because she has a pretty and approachable image

8. No matter what our Yujin does, I can feel the sincerity and trust

9. It’s really an image that everyone likes, my friends around me like her, my parents like her too

10. I like Yujin, she’s smart, pretty and cute

11. Yujin’s image is really good

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