Idol who smoked and drank during the live broadcast with many underage fans

Jungkook, do you smoke e-cigarettes even during the live broadcast?

Idol who smoked and drank during the live broadcast with many underage fans

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1. [+251, -14] When you’re an adult, it doesn’t matter whether you smoke an e-cigarette or a cigarette

2. [+243, -4] So what? What is the problem?

3. [+164, -3] I see no problem at all… He’s not a minor and he didn’t smoke an e-cigarette during the live broadcast. And as soon as he noticed it, he cleaned it up right away. What problem?????

4. [+162, -80] Were you so jealous of Jungkook’s live broadcast yesterday??ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Don’t even think about bashing Jungkook with trivial things because he’s 27 years old

5. [+107, -63] Even if you walk on the street, you will see people smoking and there will be people in your family who smoke, so what does this matter? It’s the problem for minors, but he’s 27 years old

6. [+34, -4] I’m not a fan of BTS, but what’s wrong with adults smoking e-cigarettes? Moreover, he didn’t do it in front of the camera

7. [+21, -34] Honestly, he’s always been like that

8. [+18, -1] Jungkook is 27 years old this year

9. [+18, -19] But he drinks alcohol, smokes e-cigarettes and gets tattoos…ㅠ

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White cat

He have tattoo. There multiple drama who glorified drinking even in variety show they talk about drinking. He doesn’t even smoke in front of the camera. He move it out of the camera too. 🤣🤣


We have seen minors in South Korea especially get away with heinous crimes, i think they’ll be fine. He’s a grown adult at the end of the day

dot com bubble

Did you just try to make a comparison between smoking and… heinous crimes… tf. One is not like the other


few crimes started from drinking habit

mother dozen

yall trying to frame jungkook as a drunk is so unserious bc korea’s drinking culture suggests that your faves 100% drink as much or even more than him. if you hate it so much, tell korea to change as a whole instead of dogging on one guy.


I know he’s a grown man and all that but it’s so funny watching his solo stans scramble to defend him now but they sided with blinks before and dragged V to death and even Jimin for being friends with Taemin who was also caught smoking before


Army will sided with anyone to shit on others. They talk shit about blackpink close relationship with bigbang members but end up bts members invite and spend times with the criminal bigbang. They talk shit about SM, end up hybe trying hard to get sm. they talk shit about jypark, end up the member spend time with jypark. They talk shit about druggie artist, end up bts sing a song with a druggie. They will drags the member whose not fit by their imagination.
I love bts but I hate how some army treating them like they’re perfect doll instead of human. Let them smoke, let them date women, let them follow any artist they wanted.


I said solo stans not armys. Why are yall so stupid?

K army

Ok but you also also behaving like jimin soo stan and their solo Stans also drag jk so what is your point?
I think you are vmin stan

Color color stan

But why are you defending solo stans though hmm?

mother dozen

you don’t love bts what the fuck😭 1. blackpink used to hang out with seungri himself which is a far cry from bts occasionally getting dinner with taeyang 2. we still talk shit about sm, wtf does hybe with their overinflated ego and random business ventures have to do with us like we still hate on pledis 3. all we’ve seen about jay park is that one pic with jungkook and none of us know if it was an intended meeting or whatever and 4. we talk shit about big bang doing weed in korea where weed is illegal, snoop dogg lives in california where weed is legal dumbass. and where do you see dragging for jungkook or taehyung from armys? the person you’re replying to is talking about solo stans idiot. seems like you had a lot of pent up anger from whatever armys said about your faves and decided to be a loser and claim yourself as an army to let it all out. and bts can do whatever they want. notice how the comments are all saying he’s a grown adult? so who the fuck is saying we’re mad at bts for smoking?

Last edited 11 days ago by mother dozen

didn’t blinks shut on bts 24/7 too


Girl shut up


That part


jealous antis are always on his ass but he stopped caring since long ago so y’all losers can keep fighting the air. jungkook and armys stay unbothered lol


stay unbothered so why are you here. let them hate


I’m just making fun at those losers lmao and letting them know their attempts are in vain. They can continue with the hate if they can’t see how pathetic and pointless they are.

dot com bubble

Oh I bet you’ll like that

dot com bubble

Suddenly kpoppies who wish death on BTS everyday are concerned about health 🙄


no one care about him, people care about the underage fans watching his live. his influence is big, so kids might think drinking and smoking is cool when the fact everyone knows both are not

mother dozen

yall don’t care about his underage fans, be serious. the same ones who call armys fat whales, depressed psychotic bitches, and would celebrate us being wiped out are now worried about us? as fucking if.

dot com bubble

You’re dumb, aren’t you? I’m referring to the fact that these people really wish DEATH on BTS but suddenly they’re concerned about health and welfare of the children like they did not just wish for BTS, 7 living humans, to be unhealthy enough to DIE. Do you not see the irony of somebody saying “OH BUT THINK OF THE CHILDREN” but also saying they hope BTS choke and die and meet their grandparents? Hypocrites.

Like imagine caring for health for some people but also wishing these 7 people die.

Last edited 11 days ago by dot com bubble

you care about him 🐵


Jungkook is not their father, he owes them nothing he has not obligation to raise and teach underaged fans shits.


This is 21st century and kids have knowledge bout it what is wrong and right + kids these days are clever


Oo really then when u all insult armys then why does not u think about them and about their metal health. Do u think how they feel then where goes ur so called concern for us


We’ve already seen this and it was unnecessary then too, so why make another post? Esp one spreading misinformation abt what went on in the stream. Is it bc no one’s falling for antis’ attempts to make this a scandal?


Pann nate is bts anti blog, so not surprised 🤷‍♂️

Cum Dumpster for BTS Oppas

I think he’s a great influence to the youth to start smoking e-cig and drink alcohol early. Scientifically, they give “great health boost” and is able to “prolong” your health conditions. In addition, the heavier you smoke and drink will benefits with such “heavenly” rewards.

Great man overall. Love you oppa. ❤️

get a job


Sugar mommi Yoobi left this uglee pathetic man jungc0ck so he’s sad and miserable 🤣


Your dozens are getting dragged left and right in the last two articles regarding them. Hop off BTS’ dicks and go defend them for once in your pathetic life, BlinkPink ♡

Saint Seungri

Yes, i told u 🙂 smoke and vape its very bad, jk and v criminals narcos


says the one who stans seungri 😂


I’m more amazed that fans are able to find out the product / brand where that thing just lying there on the table.


Antis are not fans

Color color stan

You’ll be surprised how much of an idiot tiktok armys are. They’re the ones who pointed it out


Such a forced hate lmao. The guy is so clean that antis need to make up controversies out of little things


Antis want koreans to hate him so bad
Yet is not working lmao

Ladyboy lisa

Blink trying hard, this is much better than getting caught went to hotel privately with married man ☹️


unless he apparently got drunk, curse, smoke or go high all in once during LIVE..
i see nothing wrong here….


Well smoking and e-cigarettes seem to me one of the most absurd and disgusting vices but in the end it’s parents’ task to educate not jungkook lmao


Antis are trying so hard to bring him down. It is almost pathetic. Let me remind you that this guy has been inactive from his main job since end of November last year. His solo album is not even out yet and antis are already scrambling to find something new to bring hate on him. I fear over what kind of (non) issues they will come up with once he makes his comeback.


Oh nooo!!! Grown ass man doing grown ass stuff!!! So shocking!!!

Yall continue proving you don’t see these idols as human beings, it’s extremely embarrassing.

Jinja 헐

Thumbs up !!! Guess JK should just go live, eat candyfloss, and play with stuffed animals and inflatable unicorns. And still people will say that’s not PG 13 rated 🤣🤣🤣 In other words, please all minors bothered should follow Yoongi’s advice ” Don’t you have school ? Go study kid “


If this is done by other idols, they’d be dead bombarded with hates. But armys as usual are good with their shield. They shield everything even they know it is not a good behaviour


Man even my sis is underage but she don’t have any problem he is an adult

Jinja 헐

Oh just shut it. The dude is a grown ass man, close to his thirties. I don’t see a problem with him drinking and having an ecig or a girlfriend or a wife.
What I see a problem with, is : what the fuck all the 14 year olds do, drolling over a guy in his almost thirties ??? Like where the fuck are your parents ?

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