Idols who are all-rounders based on netizens’ standards

Who are the idols who are all-rounders based on your standards?

For me it’s Seulgi, Jihyo, Yena, Jeon Soyeon, Ha Sungwoon, Jo Seungyeon

1. Isn’t it Jeon Jungkook?

2. Baekhyun and Ha Sungwoon

3. Taemin and Taeyeon

4. Jungkook and Mark!

5. Do Kyungsoo

6. Jeon Soyeon is a genius

7. Seriously, Jungkook is good at everything

8. Jungkook, Jennieㅋ They are stage geniuses

9. I think of Pentagon’s Kino who is good at writing lyrics, composing, dancing, singing and rapping

10.TXT Yeonjun! He’s not my bias, but i think he’s good at everything. His dancing skills are amazing

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