Idols who are successful as solo artists

Idols who are successful as solo artists by my standards

Lee Hyori, GD, Taeyang, Taeyeon, Zico, Jungkook

1. I also think of those idols

2. The lineup is amazing

3. You have so high standardsㅋㅋㅋ I think Sunmi, Hwasa, Taemin, etc. already successful enough

4. Isn’t there also Hwasa??

5. BaekHyun, Kai and D.O. should be there too

6. I want to add Hwasa and Sunmi there

7. Taemin

8. For me it’s Taemin

9. Taemin, Hwasa and Sunmi should be there too

10. Baekhyun too!

11. Hyuna….

12. BaekHyun and D.O.

13. Me too.. GD, Taeyeon and Jungkook are seriously amazing

14. Isn’t BTS Jimin also so successful as a solo artist? Isn’t he ranked 1st on Billboard??

15. For me it’s Jennie

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