If BTS RM had only one fan left

That would be Jungkook

FILE – RM, a member of South Korean K-pop band BTS, poses for photographers during a press conference in Seoul, South Korea on Nov. 20, 2020. RM will release his debut solo album, “Indigo,” on Friday, Dec. 2. (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man, File)

Jungkook really respects RM

1. RM is the reason Jungkook went to Big Hit.. He really likes RM

2. I think Namjoon really likes Jungkook

3. Seriously, sometimes I see Jungkook’s eyes looking at RM talking, I think Jungkook will believe RM even if he says the sun rises from the westㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. RM is Jungkook’s first and last role model, RM is the reason why he joined Big Hit

5. That’s why Jungkook joined Big Hit after seeing Namjoon

6. I have to admit this

7. I agree

8. I don’t remember where I watched it, but there was a video where he said that RM was the first and last role model in his life and that RM had the biggest influence on his musical life.. RM is amazing

9. I have no choice but to admit this

10. I love Namjoon too, but I’m not confident enough to beat Jungkook…

11. For Jungkook, RM is his role model and the person who changed his life

12. Namjoon’s fan club president is Jungkook

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Only his akages hate to admit it


that moment when I already know the answer before I opened the page.. it is jungkook.. 😌

Taste that savage

They both got their noses done from the same plastic surgeon I think 😌 we love twins


Even if they did it’s their body and not yours .


they did great tbh very beautiful, do they do brain job too? think you could try one if therapy dont work


Damn if my antis are all like you I’d be so proud like damn now they say my nose is so pretty it doesn’t look real?


says the one who stans bp 😂 lmaooo

Color color stan

If only plastic surgeons can operate on your brain but sadly you don’t have one

lil seven

“my happiness started when i met rapmon hyung..”
“i wouldn’t be here without namjoon hyung..”



Underrated friendship tbh


I don’t think so they are underrated tho. Armys do talk abt them very well. I think underrated is Taejoon.

WhatsThe Point

I feel like taejoon and taegi are the most underrated


Not at all, there is always a rant a day about how btsmemberxbtsmember love each other it is really cute ::)

WhatsThe Point

I see a tannie x tannie tweet and immediately rt it. It really puts a smile on ur face


I clicked this ready to say “It’s gonna be me!” but now that i see it….I agree lol it has to be jk

WhatsThe Point

Jungkook doesn’t let up a chance to talk abt joon and his influence in his life. Man they love each other so much.
The recent weverse live interaction was cute too😭 joon and kook admiring each other

Last edited 8 months ago by WhatsThe Point
Taste that savage

One jumps jumpscare admiring another jumpscare lol


i see you find your role models


This isn’t bp

Color color stan

you and bp yes we know


Just another BTS thread featuring them climbing all over each other.

Totally not a bunch of gays, btw. ARMY said so.


you were on the wrong side of army it seems step aside a little bit

Color color stan

and if they’re gay? what are you gonna do, rant about on pannkpop? lolololololololololol


No one gaf and this meme format is so old

Color color stan

you gave enough fucks to comment, sit your ass down


joon is the bias of my lifetime but there’s no way i’m ever beating jungkook in a “who loves namjoon more” battle

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