If the military service law is not amended, BTS Jin will enlist later this year.. It may take 7 years for BTS to come back as a full group

1. 7 years…? They should enlist together…..

2. Why should they enlist together? Is this good for shareholders? BTS has clearly revealed their plans for the future, so please let each BTS member take care of themselves

3. No, the members even said that they would be doing individual activities in preparation for their enlistment

4. If they don’t want to be cursed for the rest of their lives, they should enlist in the army.. They are Korean citizens

5. From yesterday’s video, Jin is planning to release an album later than the other members, so I think he’s going to enlist

6. I guess the military service law won’t be changed. That’s why they said they would stop group activities and do individual activities

7. I think BTS already has a plan for this

8. Whether it’s 1 year or 7 years, I will always support BTS

9. I wish they could enlist together

10. But are BTS the only ones going to the army in Korea?

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