If you guys were male idols, which company would you like to go to??

1. Big Hit

2. HYBE?

3. Big Hit

4. Anyway, I want to be the first male idol of Min Heejin company^^


6. Big Hit

7. I want to be SM’s rookie male idol

8. HYBE or YG, I’ll have a lot of foreign fans, the male idol’s concept and music are fine

9. SM or Big Hit

10. Min Heejin company

11. Big Hit

12. I will go to Big Hit unconditionally

13. Big Hit, I will definitely succeed

14. Big Hit.. I also want to try Big Hit’s youth concept

15. YG.. HYBE is fine, but there are too many boy groups

16. I want to go to Big Hit because I want to enter the US market

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Prospective Male Idol

Obviously, YG. I want to be the next Seungri with his empire. What a great role model with good personality and talent that makes GD cries a river.

seungri is free

Yo man, what a good chooise 🙂

Yor not mi

lyfe goals bro. So proud of you for thinking of your dreams at your old age dog.

fist bump bro, now squid away. snap & point.

Yor not mi

oops ^ spin and then snap and point. Wait is snapping and pointing with both hand lame or should we keep it at one and maybe ad a wink. Am I overthinking this, man?

anyways, i pray you have both full hands cuz life at YG would suck if you wipe away GD’s tears with your arm nubbins would be difficult to hold a tissue. Also our little bro shake talk would have been null.


Ya, if I was a guy, I’d pick YG. The male idols get treated so well, have tons of freedom and get so much protection from Papa YG.


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I've yujin

All the pretty and popular idols are there

Yor not mi

What are you talking about – HYBE idols look like they are getting beat with Lesserafim’s ugly stick.

fuck lesserafim – i hope they get sucked into a hole.


you are such a weirdo.


Bighit. Idk about bgs from other labels under hybe but txt music, concept, talent are superior. Yall can argue about talent but they’re all at least average and there’s no talent hole so yes, txt superior. They give creative freedom to both bts and txt and they push them as a group more than certain members. Also idc what yall say about promotion wise, but they treat the artists nicely and there’s no trainee debt etc. Both txt and bts have great relationship with their own team members and company and it looks like the environment of working is great. Yall if i were to be a bighit idol I’d never complain

seungri is free

get a life obsessed zombie 🙂

Yor not mi

bighit artists are robots have no personality or emotions. they probably get beat behind the scenes.

Yor not mi


look at this snooze fest dancing like their next meal depends on it. look at the difference in happiness between artists.

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