If you just look at Pann, you’ll think TWICE is a failed group

TWICE’s recent situation

US LA stadium concert going on

If you just look at Pann, you’ll think it’s a failed group

[+313, -47]

1. [+136, -11] TWICE’s popularity overseas seems to be just starting now. In Korea, looks like TWICE will be back as the one top girl group as soon as they release a good song

2. [+133, -14] TWICE isn’t doing well in Korea right now, but they’re at their heyday in the US

3. [+100, -25] A lot of people laughed and mocked Park Jinyoung as to why he was so greedy to enter the US market… What do you think those people are thinking when looking at TWICE’s activities in the US these days?

4. [+42, -3] Their visuals are legendary, and TWICE gained a lot of fans on this tour, so I’m really looking forward to their next comeback

5. [+35, -2] They are still living in the dorm in their 8th year, and they are working hard without rest, from Korean albums, Japanese albums, American singles, to concerts, but people who curse at TWICE, really have no conscience..

6 .[+32, -5] The stadium has 22,000 seats. They sold out tickets for 2 shows, so it’s 44,000 seats

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