ILLIT ‘Magnetic’ broke the record for female idols today

ILLIT ‘Magnetic’ broke the record for female idols today

Global Apple Music chart today

This is the highest ranking of K-pop and the first female idol to reach 2nd place in history

3 Shut Down — BLACKPINK (2022)
3 Super Shy — NewJeans (2023)
3 Magnetic — ILLIT (2024)
4 Ditto — NewJeans (2023)
5 Perfect Night — LE SSERAFIM (2023)
6 How You Like That — BLACKPINK (2020)
6 Pink Venom — BLACKPINK (2022)
8 OMG — NewJeans (2023)
9 LOVE DIVE — IVE (2022)

Previously, the highest ranking in history for female idols were NewJeans, BLACKPINK, and ILLIT with 3rd place

Today, ILLIT climbed to 2nd place

For reference, 2nd place is K-pop’s highest ranking ever

Looking at the list of songs ranked 2nd…

Permission to Dance


These are all the #1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100

1. This year, HYBE’s rookies are amazing

2. The scores for this group are truly terrifying. They did not hesitate to mention other groups

3. Among all HYBE’s rookies, this group is the only group that receives good responses abroad, right?

4. Now they are even planning to grab BLACKPINK’s hair

5. It’s surprising that BTS, NewJeans, and BLACKPINK were all mentioned in the post about ILLIT

6. Why are you taking advantage of NewJeans and BLACKPINK?

7. Stop comparing

8. Congratulations~

9. Why do their fans always mention NewJeans and BLACKPINK?

10. They are doing so well

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