“I’m curious about Aespa’s dancing skills” Netizens look back at Giselle and Aespa’s dancing skills

Aespa Giselle’s dancing on Music Core

Personally, I don’t understand why people are using these to hate on her

But I’ve seen people saying that she didn’t make any mistakes in her solo fancam on M Countdown. She just showed the overall shape wrong in the group’s fancam only in some scenes. I understand you want them to look perfect together but I wonder if she deserves hate for that

1. They look like a mess, to be honest, she can’t seem to dance

2. I’m sorry, but they all don’t look good; I’m curious about Aespa’s dancing skills

3. It’s not that she can’t dance, but I’ve seen Karina’s fancam and Giselle’s fancam, but they give different feelings when dancing the same dance

4. I don’t see much difference between them… I just know that there are many female idols who are like Giselle. I’m not even a fan of Aespa

5. Can you tell me who Giselle is? They look so messy

6. Who is Giselle? I know Karina and Winter, but I don’t know the names of the two foreign members

7. Giselle doesn’t look outstanding at all, so why should we bother about her?

8. Honestly, I never thought that all 4 of them dance well

9. But the choreography is so bad that I don’t even know who did the choreography properly

10. The choreography of the four of them looks different, so I don’t know who danced right… When I watch Aespa’s group fancam, they always dance differently

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