“I’m really worried about JYP artists” Park Jin Young who constantly teaches the Bible on YouTube

Park Jin Young who constantly teaches the Bible on YouTube

1. Ugh… I’m honestly worried about the artists under his management. What are we going to do?

2. Is Park Jin Young leading a cult? This is scary…

3. What the hell is it?… He’s using the power and fame he has to spread his cult beliefs to countries outside Korea?

4. Stop it, why is someone who isn’t even a pastor preaching the Bible?

5. I hate religion so much these days

6. I looked this up, and it says JYP held a gospel seminar in Cebu, Philippinesㅋㅋㅋ I mean, international K-pop fans might have gone to check it out since he’s JYP. After all, he is such a bad influence

7. Nowadays, CEOs of entertainment companies are really weird

8. Why is the CEO of an influential entertainment company constantly posting Bible videos on YouTube?

9. ???? Park Jin Young, what the hell are you doing?????

10. I wonder if he teaches the Bible to JYP idols

11. Is he on track to become some cult leader? This is frightening

12. Who is watching his videos?

13. Seriously. I don’t think celebrities should be preaching their religious belief at all, cult or not

14. I’m really worried about JYP artists

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Preaching the bible while his idols do fanservice and gaybaiting working themselves to the bone until their contracts are over 💀


HYBE: taekook, yeonbin
YG: jenlisa
SM: chanbaek, sebaek

Aren’t they all doing gaybait??? Only jyp doing fanservice??? Fvcking losers who knows nothing but to hate jyp artists on every fvcking site

I've yujin

Jk doesn’t do fanservice.
But Twinkhyung is a slvt that can’t close his 🦵
Same with Jimpig

Last edited 17 days ago by I've yujin

Dont you know that people can be religious and not homophobic at the same time?

Last edited 17 days ago by Dustinadam24

South Koreans are majority atheists and are super homophobic irl. Your point?

Saint Seungri

btAss cult is much worse 🙂


cult leader


Islam is the only true religion


Yes, only if they explode in a crowd


Hes weird
And SM artists were doing prayer circles like a cult too


So he, bae Yong joon and Park soojin are doing their cult thing again?

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