Individual luxury brand ambassador status of TWICE members

Miu Miu (Japan)

Prada (global)

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty (Japan)

Graff (Japan)

Etro (Japan)

1. Isn’t Nayeon an ambassador for Louis Vuitton? Now when I think of Louis Vuitton, I think of Nayeon

2. Wow, Sana is Graff’s ambassador…? This is crazy

3. I remember that Nayeon is a Louis Vuitton model

4. Sana is seriously amazing

5. Momo suits Miu Miu so well

6. What was more surprising was that Mina wasn’t there

7. Sana is doing well, she’s so classy and pretty

8. Mina and Nayeon weren’t there, I thought they would be there

9. They are so popular in Japan, Chaeyoung suits Etro so well

10. I was surprised that Mina wasn’t there

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