Instagram followers of 4th generation girl groups show their popularity abroad

4th generation girl group Instagram followers

ITZY 18.57 million (190212)
Aespa 10 million (201117)
(G)I-DLE 9.4 million (180502)
NewJeans 6 million (220722)
LE SSERAFIM 3.9 million (220502)
NMIXX 3.5 million (220222)
Kep1er 3.4 million (220103)
IVE 3.1 million (211201)

1. ITZY must be so popular overseas, NewJeans is still a rookie group but they’re amazingㅋㅋ

2. I have also been following ITZY and Aespa

3. Wow NewJeans debuted less than a year ago, they’re crazy

4. NewJeans is daebak

5. I’ve been following ITZY, Aespa, and NewJeansㅋㅋ

6. NewJeans just debuted, but they have a lot of followers

7. I’ve been following ITZY, (G)I-DLE, Aespa

8. The ITZY members are so pretty that I’m following them too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. I’m surprised that IVE is less popular overseas

10. ITZY is the best overseas

11. ITZY, NMIX, JYP female idols are so popular overseas

12. ㅋㅋ I’m a muggle, I’ve been following ITZY

13. NewJeans is amazing

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IVE members have their own IG accounts. Which has more followers than the group’s


Also Ive instagram account is sooo official the members are not posting there pics there even most dives are not following them cause they only post ads and music shows group pictures after winning only. I am even suprised they have 3.1m . If you look at twitter folowers its 1.itzy 2.aespa 3.ive


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both lesserafim and ive have their own personal ig accounts btw , sakura and wonyoung’s following alone is more than Newjeans’ followers


It make me sense


Isn’t only Wonyoung and Yujin has their personal accs?


Newjeans is at 6M and wonyoung and sakura are both at 7M, but they opened their accts about a year b4 Njs


So? If newjeans open their individual acc, their followers will be lower than wonyoung and sakura since people like them as group more. Wonyoung is an it girl. Sakura is known in japan and gain more followers since fearless sakura


Wonyoung stans are so desperate to cling to her status, it’ll be fun to see the NewJeans girls glow up right before their eyes


Why are you guys so obsessed with Wonyoung? Literally nobody is worried about what New Jean girlies do. You should first get a life instead of trying to live through New Jeans’ success. No matter what Wonyoung is collecting her bag and eating good, hun. Go worry about your late payments.

Caesar The Great

itzy,aespa&gidle not even 4th gen, more like 3.5th gen. no reason to include them, their time has passed.


What? Lol


Itzy literally opened up 4th gen what are you saying, 5th gen is starting next year so you wanna tell me 2021-2023 groups are the only 4th gen grps..lmao

seungri is free

ITZY the best
Aespa ok
(G)I-DLE ok
NewJeans nice
NMIXX nice
Kep1er fckin stupid worst group ever
IVE ok


For individual:
#1 Sakura (7.1M)
#2 Wonyoung (7M)
#3 Kim Chaewon (5.5M)
#4 Minnie (5.3M)
#5 Yuqi (5M)
#6 Huh Yunjin (4.6M)
#7 An Yujin (4.3M)
#8 Kazuha (4.1M)
#9 Soyeon (3.5M)
#10 Shuhua (3.3M)

Taste that savage

That’s it? 😂😂😂


Yeah? What do you want? An overall? Go search them by yourself


And there people saying Itzy is falling off .I really expected Ive to have more


Itzy is still best 4th Gen GirlGroup


Ive intagram account is so official the members don’t post anything there . Its only for official group pics after promoting in music shows during their comeback ONLY. Starshit is so dumb for this but they do have the most followers in twitter after itzy and aespa


Itzy debuted an year before aespa, and two years before newjeans and ssera lol


itzy debuted befire all of them and their account has been there since 2019 so it’s normal for them to have so many followers

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