Irene and Jisoo when they just debuted, weren’t they so pretty?

They were so pretty, especially Jisoo…

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1. [+83, -7] Gayo Daejeon 2018 stage where the two of them became legends, the media went crazy ㅠㅠ These two pretty faces drove everyone crazy at that time

2. [+72, -14] They were so pretty when they just debuted.. Red Velvet and BLACKPINK are both famous for not having visual holes

3. [+30, -3] They are still so pretty now

4. [+30, -14] Personally, I think Irene was a legend during the ‘Happiness’ era… She was so f*cking pretty

5. [+22, -12] Irene doesn’t look pretty after her controversy

6. [+21, -7] Among the 3rd generation female idols, the two of them were so pretty when they just debuted ㅋㅋ

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Oh Dazz

I’m not sure about Irene but Jisoo looks basically the same as when she first debuted. The only difference is that now she has a team of stylist and makeup artist to make her look even prettier!

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