Is BTS V famous among muggles?

Is V famous among muggles?

Do people who don’t care about idols know about V?

1. My friends also followed him on Instagram

2. He is the member with the highest public recognition in BTS

3. Isn’t it obvious? V’s popularity doesn’t decrease just because you don’t know…

4. My father also knows V

5. My mother also knows V

6. Most of BTS’s individual rankings are high, but of course it’s V. Even people around me who don’t care about idols know V

7. Even my father knows about BTS

8. Everyone knows V, especially V is famous for being handsome

9. Even people who don’t really care about celebrities know V is a celebrity

10. V is a famous member of BTS

11. My parents know about Bangtan (they always say it’s BTS), but they don’t know about the members

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