Is HYBE not taking advantage of V’s popularity?

As we can see, out of all BTS members, V is the most followed member of BTS. Even muggles know him and praise him for his voice, looks and aura. Is HYBE not using his popularity as a tool to earn more money? Why isn’t HYBE pushing him as much as the other members?

His album ‘Layover’ sold over 2 million copies in a day, he was the first kpop idol and korean musician to do so. His music, despite of not given proper promotional tools, did very well. He did a genre which isn’t mainstream, and still gathered a good amount of streams on spotify. Even critics cited that his album was the most memorable among all the BTS members.

I think HYBE should push him more, give him more freedom and collaboration chances. I genuinely think that he can do achieve more! 

I hope he does more projects after he comes from the military! I would love to listen to his solo songs more as well as see him in a movie! He has a face that a lot of people are in awe of!