Is HYBE toxic to K-pop? Is the controversy over LE SSERAFIM’s singing skills the issue of agency?

Is HYBE toxic to K-pop? Is the controversy over LE SSERAFIM’s singing skills the issue of agency?

While LE SSERAFIM is caught up in controversy over their singing skills, the public is blaming their agency for the controversy

Some people believe that HYBE is responsible for LE SSERAFIM’s lack of live singing skills

Not only LE SSERAFIM, but other artists are also caught up in controversies over their singing skills. ILLIT, a new group that debuted with ‘Magnetic’, was criticized for lacking live singing skills

There have been many comments saying that HYBE’s method of cultivating artists is toxic to K-pop culture. One netizen raised the issue of the company’s artist training, saying: “HYBE is poison for K-pop.” Another netizen said, “It seems like HYBE idols often become famous by making their concept photos go viral rather than by their skills.”

1. There are also people joking that HYBE should pay the highest salary for sound engineers. I wonder if HYBE feels the same way

2. Why is Jungkook always mentioned in controversies about live performance? Of course Jungkook is so good at performing live

3. The live performance controversy started with BTS Jimin

4. I really don’t know what the skills of HYBE artists are

5. Why is BTS dragged into controversies about other singers’ singing skills? Stop grabbing BTS’ hair

6. Is there anyone else in HYBE besides Jungkook who is a good singer at singing live? (I don’t know who belongs to HYBE due to merger)

7. This time, they are grabbing Bangtan’s hair again

8. LE SSERAFIM and ILLIT’s live performances fail but always end with Jungkook and Bangtan’s skills

9. Looking at ILLIT, I hate HYBE’s female idols because they look more and more like Japanese idols

10. To be honest, Bangtan’s vocals are so weak. Jungkook sings well and raps well, but Jimin, V and Jin don’t sing very well..?

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