Is it because of BTS’s influence? But why is HYBE so popular abroad?

But why is HYBE so popular abroad?

I know the songs are good, but aren’t the songs from other agencies also good?

I’m purely curious without any malice

1. The songs are suitable for international tastes, not only the songs but also the concept and choreography are targeting foreign fans

2. That’s because of the influence of BTS members

3. Personally, I think the song quality is amazing…

4. I think they are so good at catching trends

5. I really disagree with the opinion that it’s all thanks to BTS. There are many different reasons, and I think it’s important to bring songs that suit foreign tastes

6. Think about why HYBE became so big. BTS is dominating the K-pop market abroad. If you go abroad and say you are from Korea, they will ask you about BTS

7. The number of followers on YouTube and Twitter is so high, so no matter what they post, many people will see it

8. They should thank Bangtan

9. HYBE has BTS

10. Thanks to the influence of BTS

11. Is it because of BTS? I’m asking this because I really don’t know

12. Since HYBE is BTS’ agency, the level of interest is on another level

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