Is it not Red Velvet when Irene isn’t standing in the center?

It feels awkward that Irene isn’t standing in the center

For a moment I thought it wasn’t Red Velvet

1. It wasn’t awkward at all and Seulgi suited the center so well. And I hate Irene so much…

2. I’m not a fan of Seulgi, but why do I feel so sad..?

3. Is it better because Seulgi is the center? Irene’s fans have no conscience

4. Wow, I can’t see Irene because she’s not standing in the center

5. How are they all so pretty?

6. Am I the only one who doesn’t know? It’s just Red Velvet

7. This is really why the center is so important

8. Wow, Irene really looks like some kind of AI

9. Seulgi is so pretty

10. Wendy also looks so pretty

11. The photo looks a bit awkward

12. Seulgi is so pretty in this photo

13. I thought Seulgi was Irene

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