Is Jennie collaborating with a child predator?

Last month Blackpink’s Jennie posted a pic on Instagram. In that pic Jennie was seen posing with Edison Chen. 

Who is Edison Chen? 

Edison Chen is canadian born hongkong singer and actor. He is also a owner and designer of a streetwear brand called ‘Clot’. Addidas and Clot collaborated and Jennie is the face of that campaign. 

According to internal sources it was revealed that it was Jennie’s idea to work with Edison Chen as she expressed she is a big fan of his work. 

Edison Chen is also known for his infamous scandals. One of his biggest scandals of all time happened in 2011 when intimate pictures between Edison Chen (31 at that time) and Cammi Tse (16 at that time) were leaked. 

• The victim admited that Edison Chen (31) took her virginity at age of 16.

• Not only Edison Chen slept with a 16 year old but also filmed a 16 year old which is considered as a child pornography.

• Edison Chen (31) begged Cammi Tse (16) to bring uniform and swimming suits when she comes to his house. Both Cammi and Edison confirmed that they were dating at that time.

• Edison Chen (31) grooming Cammi Tse (16) 

• A female celebrity also came forward and exposed that Edison Chen is a weirdo you had craze of buying women’s underwears

• Edison Chen’s Ex-girlfriend criticized the singer-actor-designer and called him “Sick” and “Morbid”. 

In conclusion Edison Chen is a disgusting child predator aka Pedophile and a groomer. 

The real question is why is Jennie promoting and giving a platform to a Pedophile and groomer while singing women empowerment song like “Women up”. Is Jennie really girl’s girl if she is working with a well known predator? 

Please express your thoughts on this!