Is Jennie not taking her job seriously?

BLACKPINK fans “blinks” are so mad seeing Jennie not giving her best for them!

After 2 years of hiatus BLACKPINK members were not doing anything and just working in fashion, after releasing their album born pink Jennie travelled to PARIS for fashion shows again instead of promoting the album fans were excited for the tour but Jennie keep on messing up and setting up her members even tho they were practicing so hard, blink around the world are asking Jennie to work hard like her members but it seems like she doesn’t care

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What do you mean doing the wrong choreo for her solo stage ? She just debuted that solo stage yesterday how can you even say its the wrong choreo when you dont even know it 😭😭😭 yall are reaching so much its getting kinda sad. Btw Rose and Jisoo also went to PARIS. They all made mistakes (they even talked about it) and they all at times didnt sing. Rose, Lisa, Jennie and Jisoo too


Don’t drag other along when jisoo alone did mistakes u pathetic. Jisoo fans always drag others to cover up jisoo. Others did no mistakes. It’s jisoo alone who did lot’s of mistakes. Lisa didn’t go to pfw. She practiced till midnight when others went to pfw. She posted ig story about her being in practice room. Don’t try to lift a finger on lisa performance. That gorl performance was 200 % energetic. Being on stage is her big dream. Don’t try to ruin it. She was smiling through out the concert hyping crowd. She even passed out after performance of money but kept smiling later


is this some kind of a joke or smt? at this point I can’t with this page


this site has become a showdown between bp’s akgaes recently lol


it’s shutdown between lisa akgaes and jennie akgaes and admin is enabling this toxic behavior


This site has really gone to shit I’ve seen so much blackpink slander and given how they put up a notice asking us to make posts and the way this is written, this isn’t even a translation from pann or naver just some made up controversy from a foreign anti 💀💀 I died when it said ‘blinks are mad’ cos no tf we are not you just made that up, and that she’s doing wrong choreo for her new solo she just debuted at the concert lmao yeah I’m just gonna stick with pannchoa cos this site is a shithole now

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But I wasn’t done…

The twink fandom is fighting naurrrrrr


This time it’s not just jennie… its all of them…


Don’t drag others for jisoo mistakes. Lisa did no mistake. Jennie only did little mistake in 1 song. Jisoo messed up throughout concert. That’s why she is soo smart to drag others along with her in her ig post


All the members do mistakes, actually Jisoo had more mistakes than Jennie in their concert, but you were so busy hating on Jennie to notice it 🙄


Jisoo is the most useless one in the group so not surprised


And they want solo for that useless nepo kid. She is still struggling to confirm about her dream after 11 yrs. She has no passion. I still doubt how she get into yg. Nepokid


Jisoo fams cover her a lot. People only hate on jennie and lisa but they make many excuses for jisoo. Jisoo messed up many times but look at people supporting her. If this is jennie or lisa, I know people will eat them alive. Jisoo dragged whole group with her in ig for her mistakes. Soo cunning


why are you allowing trolls on this site? you don’t want people to take this site seriously?


They simply just aren’t good performers there are so many videos going viral of how bad their performances were it’s really disappointing


That’s just cherry picking tbh. All idols make mistakes, just that people obsessed more with bp


nah, that many mistakes at a concert? esp their first day? not dancing on sync

the second day, half assing choreo and jisoo’s voice breaking? they should offer discounts to blinks at this point, it’s a robbery


And jisoo fams call her stable. Jisoo relies or backtrack but jenlisa raise their voices to hype the crowd. So people think they r not stable like jisoo. But in most bp concerts jenlisa hype the crowd and try to sing live even louder than backtrack


All idols have busy schedules and continuoys stages that is why they drag bp. But only jisoo messed up. People jz want to drag all with her because their r many people who pity her and dont want to hate her


Not THEY. Only jisooo. Please don’t drag all for one girl mistakes. Lisa did no mistake.


That’s just jennie’s dance style. The giving her best, but not looking like giving her best.


Jennie did her 💯. Its jisoo fans trying to bring jennie to cover up jisoo lazy mistakes

spicy spice

u will laugh if u look at their hylt new dance break lol


Jisoo looked like dying goat


All the girls are bad, not just jennie. It’s a lackluster, pathetic, & mediocre at best. Arent they embarrassed with all their idols friends that come to see their concert?


jennie isn’t bad lmfao


Are u jisoo fan? U r jz like jisoo. Who is soo smart to drag her members along when she alone did mistakes. Others did no wrong. Only jisoo ajumma performed poorly. Her stage confidence is sooooo low and she looked awkward trying to look like others


She made so many mistakes on stage since debut but people don’t drag her like they do it to jennie. I mean she messed up lot more times. She is weakest member in gp


She mostly depends on backtrack and don’t try to connect with audience like jenlisa or rosé. So people think she is stable but she depends completely on backtrack. Whenever she sings loud, her voice cracks


Like girl why are you so obsessed with jisoo 😭😹😹😹 is it because after the concert she was the member who went viral. Why are you commenting everywhere. like your fav one is everytime dragged for lazyness and then you come with so many excuses back then 2018 when jn was caught lazy you all made excuses that she was tried and she broke her angle and then when she was caught this time you are dragging others to hide it 🤣😹 like my girl don’t need any companies special treatment to go viral and kim jisoo is proving it with her own talents everytime she is build up herself not by daiting so many men to grow 😹
” Maybe you’re jealousy is the problem maybe iam the problem ” – kimjisoo

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