Is Jisoo too Booked and Busy?

As we all know, Jisoo is an idol who usually has content for her fans almost every day but lately she seems to have a lot of work.

Her last casual post on Instagram was on March 28th and after that there was no news, just old Dior and Cartier advertising. She was only a little on bubble. She promised to post vlogs on her YouTube but can’t seem to find the time for it.

This shows that Jisoo is very busy at the moment. She is currently filming 2 roles Lee jihye for ORV and Yeongjoo for INFLUENZA.

According to Self Portrait, she’s working on new music for her solo comeback, she’s rumored to have a solo fancon and is will be playing at Park Myungsoo’s concert this year.

For this year, Jisoo seems to be very busy and all the fashion events that she will probably attend.

Let’s hope that she will be well and that she will find time to rest

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