Is LE SSERAFIM Hong Eunchae really pretty??

Seriously…I was shocked when I saw the picture… Isn’t she pretty?

[+77, -55]

1. [+103, -11] She has something that overlaps with Kim Sook

2. [+59, -4] This picture was posted on a fan account, but I thought it was Kim Sook

3. [+57, -31] Are you saying she’s ugly..? Are you crazy..?

4. [+37, -0] She’s only had good rumors from her school days, so why are you guys attacking her? If you ask me, I really can’t understand why you guys cursed at Kim Garam to death is it because of her school violence or you are feeling self-deprecating

5. [+30, -2] Just because she looks like Kim Sook doesn’t mean she’s ugly. She’s pretty, but she might look like Kim Sook. I’ve heard a lot about IU and Shin Bong Sun looking alike, but IU is so pretty. Isn’t she prettier than Kim Sook?

6. [+20, -14] She looks much prettier in fancams because of her long and slim legs

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More side part Eunchae pls. The middle part doesn’t help her stand out as much. Shes very cute indeed, but when I saw her with this parted hair I actually gasped. I usually watch Chaewon the most during performances but I couldnt stop admiring Eunchae.


She looks like yeri but also kim sook


I think she should be pushed as the center depending upon what concept they have. But she’s seriously pretty. And has the concept the company is trying to push for Ga Ram.


She is very pretty and cute


She looks like Joen Somin


no. kim sook + jeon hyunmoo. but the idol system is brainwashy & trying to brainwash ppl that idols= ‘visuals’. just try assuming that eunchae debuted as next comedian, kim sook’s comp’s jr. immediately eunchae would be normal/ ‘nice’. would anyone try hyping/ brainwashing eunchae as a looker? the diff = idol system brainwashing.

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