Is Suzy the prettiest among female idols?

But I think Suzy is the prettiest among female idols, what do you think?

Suzy is the prettiest among female idols in Korea

1. It depends on your taste

2. Suzy is the representative of Korean beauty, everyone thinks soㅋㅋ

3. I think everyone’s standards are different, but Suzy is so pretty

4. I agree, she’s f*cking pretty

5. For me, Suzy is the prettiest

6. It depends on your taste.. But I also think Suzy is the prettiest.. If reincarnated, I want to be reborn as Suzy… She’s too perfect..

7. It depends on your taste. But I also think Suzy is the prettiest among female celebritiesㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. Suzy is just a princess

9. Suzy has a beauty that Koreans like

10. Of course, she’s the prettiest

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I never got the hype with her, but everyone has their own taste, im not into traditional beauties but more into charming and distinctive ones like for example Sulli in fx, JenLisa on Blackpink, Jihyo or Mina on Twice, Jiyeon on Tara, Hyejeong on AOA, etc

In MissA I find Fei a lot prettier(of course Suzy is pretty too)


Typical jealous hater… Love to compare when the good articles abt celebs. Can’t be happy when someone was praised.

Hypocritical…but will defend their idols even when doing bad (*face palm*)


Girl, cant you read? the article is literally saying she is the prettiest among female idols, hence comparing, i just shared that i dont agree, in a PUBLIC comment section,
and gave examples of who was the prettiest ones FOR ME, so it looks like youre the hypocritical one

and hater..just because I have different preferences? cause I never said anything bad about her nor criticized her(I literally said she is pretty), it looks more like you are one of those crazy stans who cant accept that people have different preferences and opinions than yours
(*face palm*) and i never defend idolds when doing bad, stop projecting sweetie🙄🙄 youre the one looking like one of those stans who takes every little different opinion as hate and defend them over anything, youre proving it with your butthurted comment LMAO keep crying just because someone doesnt find your idol the prettiest idol alive🤷🏻‍♀️

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I find this odd cuz you named faces that Korea’s enamored with too. In fact, visuals who best fit with Korea’s standards.

If you said faces that are charming but don’t fit Korea’s standards, maybe I could see your point.


Suzy is really one the prettiest celeb I’ve seen… Her attitude and personality added to her charm.

But I wasn’t done…

Prettier than Yoona for sure


why you bring her up randomly


she’s so pretty! but I’m not really into her visual. my favs are nana, jaekyung, krystal, jiyeon, gyuri

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