Is the Weeknd shading BLACKPINK’s Jennie?

The Weeknd and Blackpink’s jennie met through Simi Haze who is the girlfriend of the Weeknd and a close friend of Jennie, and their friendship seem to be closer than ever when the Blackpink member was invited to cast on the HBO show ‘The Idol’ by The Weeknd and directed by Sam Levinson, the show faced lots of criticism and some viewers claim it’s a soft pornography as the show includes provocative scenes and a messy storyline, the show is later cancelled due to backlash and poor ratings.

With the release of the collaboration song ‘One of the girls’ as an ost of the series which includes The Weeknd, Blackpink’s Jennie and Lily Rose Depp, the girls received lots of attentions from the audiance of the successful singer. The Weeknd with his 115m monthly listeners on Spotify manage to give the girls the peak of their monthly listeners both at 30m listeners even earning their first entry on billboard hot 100 which a billboard article gives credits to The Weeknd

the fans of the girls particularly jennie’s fans are mad at this as they say it’s unfair to give credits to The Weeknd since Jennie at her own solo release have a peak of 15m monthly listeners, but others argue she indeed is at the peak of her music career thanks to this collaboration with the Weeknd, there’s been a debate on Twitter and other platforms among k-pop fans regarding this topic, a lot of articles came out about this achievement of the girls credited to the Weeknd including Forbes which the male singer shares on his story, is this a shade towards Jennie? Or he is just happy to help out his friends achieve their billboard entry?

And it seems like Jennie’s fans started to dislike The Weeknd when he release a song called ‘Kpop’ with Travis Scott and Bad Bunny seemingly shading a particular Korean female idol with the song including words like ‘cannes’ ‘korean’ as fans speculate to be Jennie since she attended the Cannes Film Festival with the Weeknd along with their co-stars on the series ‘The Idol’. Has their relationship took a turn behind the scenes or just a fans speculations