Isn’t Big Bang the miracle of small and medium agency?

I heard that this building was YG’s headquarters

1. Because of the various controversies, it is not mentioned, in fact, Big Bang is the source of the miracle of the small agencyㅋㅋㅋ

2. YG Family was influential before Big Bang debuted. Before Big Bang debuted, there were famous artists in YG

3. They are not the miracle of small and medium agency

4. One Time, Wheesung, Gummy, Big Mama, etc.. YG had great singers before Big Biang

5. What are you saying? Don’t you misunderstand the meaning of the miracle of small and medium agency?

6. What kind of small company is YG? That’s the company that used to have Jinusean, One Time, Seven

7. They had Jinusean and Seven, and there were a lot of famous singers before Big Bang

8. I agree, before Big Bang, YG was definitely medium and small

9. Isn’t the miracle of small and medium companies talking about singers who changed the size of the company without famous senior singers..?

10. YG had Jinusean, Gummy, and Seven before Big Bang, what are you talking about?

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