“It’s absurd to say Koreans don’t like Lisa and discriminate against her” Netizens express their opinion about “Koreans think that they are visually superior”

Koreans think that they are visually superior

1. I don’t know about anything else, but it’s absurd to say Koreans don’t like Lisa and discriminate against her

2. I don’t know why East Asians and Southeast Asians live with the feeling of being victims of Korea

3. Are there any countries that are not racist? I have traveled to 27 countries around the world and experienced all kinds of discrimination, but I feel like Korea has relatively little discrimination

4. So which country has no racism?

5. I admit there’s a lot of racism in Korea, but I don’t know about Koreans thinking they’re are visually superior… For Lisa, I personally feel she looks more Western than Southeast Asian

6. Korea has racism, but there is no country without racism

7. I hate to admit it, but this is racist

8. If I had Southeast Asian nationality, I would feel offended

9. But she’s right, you look like a Southeast Asian = This is an insult in Korea

10. I like Jennie and Jisoo because they’re pretty in my eyes, but is this also racist? That’s just my preference

11. Saying you look like a Korean doesn’t mean you’re pretty, I never thought that Koreans are visually superior

12. That’s why I don’t like Southeast Asians, they have inferiority complexes towards Koreans

13. Why do you live in Korea when you feel so disrespected?

14. Is Tzuyu famous because she looks like a Korean? People just liked her because she’s pretty

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