“It’s absurd to say Koreans don’t like Lisa and discriminate against her” Netizens express their opinion about “Koreans think that they are visually superior”

Koreans think that they are visually superior

1. I don’t know about anything else, but it’s absurd to say Koreans don’t like Lisa and discriminate against her

2. I don’t know why East Asians and Southeast Asians live with the feeling of being victims of Korea

3. Are there any countries that are not racist? I have traveled to 27 countries around the world and experienced all kinds of discrimination, but I feel like Korea has relatively little discrimination

4. So which country has no racism?

5. I admit there’s a lot of racism in Korea, but I don’t know about Koreans thinking they’re are visually superior… For Lisa, I personally feel she looks more Western than Southeast Asian

6. Korea has racism, but there is no country without racism

7. I hate to admit it, but this is racist

8. If I had Southeast Asian nationality, I would feel offended

9. But she’s right, you look like a Southeast Asian = This is an insult in Korea

10. I like Jennie and Jisoo because they’re pretty in my eyes, but is this also racist? That’s just my preference

11. Saying you look like a Korean doesn’t mean you’re pretty, I never thought that Koreans are visually superior

12. That’s why I don’t like Southeast Asians, they have inferiority complexes towards Koreans

13. Why do you live in Korea when you feel so disrespected?

14. Is Tzuyu famous because she looks like a Korean? People just liked her because she’s pretty

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No need to be politically correct. Koreans ARE visually superior.
Bundlepink is popular in sea countries because the members are as ugly as the locals.


The blind hate you got for Blackpink really got you insulting a group of people that has done nothing but exist and has been historically subject to much colonization and abuse. Fuck people like you.


You can think what you like. Everyone has their own opinion. But dont take kpop idols as a reference. Take normal citizens. Also I wouldnt be so brave Sk hasn’t ever won any beauty pageants. No Miss world, No Miss Universe even No Miss Asia ( if that exists).

Dont think yourself as superior, right now and probably the last 5 years, Kpop has an inmense influence in general public. But everything cimes to an end.

Again everyones opinion valid. Also I have korean friends here and they dont cinsider themselves superior.

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Ladyboy lisa

It’s not racist, she/he just ugly 😢


Yes it’s not racist . Just a sick mind can simply call other people ugly


She’s cute if she lost weight.


It’s true though, SK always use SEA as an insult. Whenever they praise a Thai idol, they always say, she looks just like a Korean as a compliment. Same with Kazuha from LSF, Koreans praise her visuals by saying she doesn’t look Japanese and that she looks Korean. The truth is Koreans are so racist but boy if you so much as hint you don’t find Koreans attractive, claws are out.


But Tzuyu is considered very popular for being pretty but she clearly does not look Korean


They always put down her skin color though


She’s East Asian with features to match which ultimately they find superior to SEA


Tzuyu is a East Asian. Not a SEA


goddamn they’re stupid blind and racist


But Lisa looks like a westerner thanks to makeup . İ know she isn’ t ugly without make up but she looks diferent with make up


Well Tzuyu indeed is very pretty. Like prettiest one out there in kpop rn. But if we look in the past we can see that these Koreans made her insecure about her own skin color. Always commenting stuffs like “it would be better if she had light skin” or “what a shame she has beautiful face but her skin color is dull”. Made that teen insecure about her own skin color. I remember shinee jonghyun (may he rest in peace) encouraging her if her own skin color and saying that she would not feel ashamed but proud of it. These Koreans still randomly bring out her skin color alot. So yes I do feel like Koreans are indeed racist to other races. Talking about twice, they attacked Sana for mentioning her own country Japan, constantly made fun of Momo’s voice and fetishes her for being japanese. Saw Japan or japanese as lowly race than them while saying misamo don’t look japanese a lot and look better.
In conclusion Koreans are indeed racist to every other race which are not Korean or white.


Tzuyu is literally east asian


Oh in my country they think koreans are ugly cause they have small eyes short legs and big faces plus plastic, they are not racist though it’s just that koreans are ugly they also call theirmen twinks cause they wear makeup😉


Your country sounds pretty smart.

Korean Feline

We don’t discriminate Lisa, it just the whole world. We’re koreans are the most beautiful, handsome and kindest people in the world.

dot com bubble

The superiority complex. Say that in front of a white audience and you’ll get laughed at in your face.


Nobody cares about white people opinion tho

dot com bubble

My point is Koreans are so fucking racist to SEA people but if you put them in front of westerners and they get called ugly then that’s the only time they start remembering that’s actually racism


Stfu. Women all around the world are extremely pretty. Just because Korea is trending rn doesn’t mean that their beauty is above everyone else. Personally I find Japanese Thai Chinese/Taiwanese actresses more pretty than Korean ones. But it’s just prefence. I am not going to say they are exclusive race than other because I find them more pretty. Beautiful women can come out of any country or race. And beauty is just the eyes of the person as to how they see it. Even in kpop industry I find foreign kpop idols more attractive than Korean ones (with exception of some). But still that’s only my preference.
So don’t be rude.


What we find beautiful is programmed into our DNA and can only be slightly influenced by culture.

If you think otherwise you are falling into the favorite fallacy of the politically correct – the Just World Fallacy.


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Koreans are so hypocritical it’s sad. Racism is something they only recognize and empathize with when it’s used towards themselves and white people. Everyone else are imagining it.


Maybe all countries are racists. I think its actually a matter if education. Im European and all I’m going to say is that Tzuyu and Lisa are very beautiful. They are naturally pretty. All counyries have their own beauty standards what ine will fibd pretty the other wont. But what I can say is that there are some very beautiful non korean kpop idols, like Lisa, Sana, Tzuyu and several more


Yeah she is natural beauty


you post a picture that she was in a hard training program and that she was exhausted and a mess. I don’t know if that is called “natural beauty”, but it’s definitely being despicable.


come on, beautiful people are beautiful everywhere. she got her current look thanks to korean beauty procedures. According to you, every Korean idol has aesthetics but Lisa doesn’t have


Ama doğru söylüyorlar Lisa doğal güzel değil ki aşağıdaki forograf ta gerçek yüzü o yorulmak insanı cirkinlestirmez ki o Lisa ‘ nın gerçek yüzü


She is pretty. I am not a blink or her stan but she is pretty.

Saint Seungri

thai looks like trans or monkeys, thats why 🙂 tier 1 – koreans 2- japanese china taiwan 3 – others
with exceptions

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Color color stan

You’re not even korean, don’t lie 😂


now why are they acting crazy as if they havent gone viral a few times because they were being RACIST towards her


“everyone else is also racists” so?? just hate racism. it ain’t that hard. they’d rather defend koreans being racists (aka racists) than learn something from this and fix their racial bias. Not all white people, not all men, blah blah blah. If you rep a group that has a history of discrimination admit and vow to fix it and in an ideal future that will be a small minority. but they’re gaining this rep because it’s way too prevalent

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It’s true you can see it on countless of Korean YouTube or variety show


As a White American guy I can safely say that ALL Asian women – both East AND Southeast Asian women – are beautiful. Never let these Asian media make you think otherwise.

This is why both groups of women are so popular with men in America. They are literally the most popular female ethnic group(s) on dating apps.

This isn’t due to cultural bias either btw. Political correctness wants us to believe every human and ethnic group is born equally beautiful but that is wrong – just as we are not all born equally healthy.

Asian features match the features human biology associates with youth a femininity. Short, thin, hairless, flatter faces, etc… All are youthful and feminine features.

The REAL issue is that Asian features make Asian men look feminine and that is why they are the lowest rated on dating apps in America.

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