It’s been 1 year since THV’s Instagram, Knetz react

I was really excited when the members suddenly had personal accounts on Instagram, and it’s already been a year.

When he went on a trip to Hawaii with Hobi and I heard travel with me. When he was suffering because he said work was not going well in the middle of the night. When he went to Paris, and shared everything like a photo diary. When he danced among the elderly couples at a jazz bar in America.

Thank you for letting me know about the members and uploading Instagram whenever you go abroad or have a schedule.

1. I really like this Hawaiian song so I really want to hear it, Taehyung please

2. I love his Parisian video

3. I started Instagram because I wanted to follow V. One year has passed by really fast

4. Celebrating the 1st anniversary of King of Communication, King of Instagram

5. I was so excited that I also created an Instagram account, and it’s already been a year…

6. The photo shoot with Tan was so cute and lovely

7. Taehyung’s unique sensibility is so good

8. Thanks to this, I have a lot of memories. Thank you.

9. Taehyung is the best on Instagram

10. V is so good 

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Our thv era was an amazing experience 😋


Antis been on his ass ever since lol

Lazy Banana

They’re mad cause he broke 2 Guinness World Records the moment he opened his insta.

Dot Com

Organic king.



Dot com

Your fads inorganic with low engagements I understand the bitterness.


The only thing he is good at.


aww and you still keeping up with him


i mean..he shares his music,his love for the members & yeontan,his fashion & bit of his personal life in his acc so u’re right though.he’s too good at them.

Dot com

We all can’t be good at selling pussy on the street corner like you, babe.


User Thv made Instagram enjoyable I hope he updates soon its been so long since he came online. He didnt even come online for indigo or jin’s birthday (very tae as he always does it privately and we get to know abut it through members) neither did is promoting Veautiful days (again dont expect a lot since he sucks at promoting himself I hope he learns from rapline they are really good at it)

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