It’s been 2 years since NewJeans who is 4th generation. It’s already the era of 5th generation idols?

It’s been 2 years since NewJeans who is 4th generation… It’s already the era of 5th generation idols?

1st generation HOT (1996), 2nd generation TVXQ (2003), 3rd generation EXO (2012), BTS (2013), 4th generation Aespa (2020), IVE (2021), NewJeans (2022)

So, will the new artists loved worldwide in 2024 be the 4th or 5th generation?

As groups claiming to be ‘5th generation idols’ appear one after another in the K-pop market, many different opinions are being raised about whether the 5th generation has really been opened?

However, when the groups that debuted last year were called 5th generation, a problem arose in that they were only 1 to 2 years apart from their 4th generation seniors

1. There’s no group bigger than BTS and Seventeen, but it’s already the 5th generation? Only female idols change generations

2. The 6th generation will come out soon

3. Aespa is said to have started the 4th generation, debuting in November 2020, so it makes no sense that the male idols debuting in 2023 are all 5th generation

4. I guess they just wanted to give the impression that they were starting a new generation, so they started by naming it the 5th generation…

5. It seems like the male idols are 5th generation, but the female idols really don’t feel like they’re 5th generation

6. Who are the representatives of 4th generation male idols?

7. ?? Who are the 4th generation male idols?

8.There is still no male idol who can surpass BTS and Seventeen, so it’s surprising that they are already in the 5th generation

9. They all look like the 4th generation

10. What is 5th generation? They’re all just 4th generation

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