“It’s like NewJeans getting CFs every day” NewJeans is selected as the global ambassadors for Levi’s

NewJeans is selected as the global ambassadors for Levi’s

NewJeans, “We’re honored and thrilled to be with the brand line ‘Levi’s’, a global brand that is representative of the world’s most iconic jeans.”

1. What is the size of Danielle’s head?… Her head is too small

2. The whole world is NewJeans, let’s get better~

3. Wow, how many CFs do they have? Their popularity is crazy

4. Seriously, the whole world is NewJeans

5. Wow, they have a lot of CFs

6. Wow, NewJeans is amazing

7. There are a lot of jeans brands targeting them, but Levi’s won

8. That’s right~ NewJeans, they have to model for jeans~

9. Wow, how many CFs does NewJeans have? They make a lot of money

10. It suits NewJeans so well

11. It’s like NewJeans getting CFs every day

12. Seems like every jeans company wants NewJeans

13. It’s too perfect for NewJeans

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ador really grabbing all possible cfs with them damn


Now this is the kind of CF that is suitable for them


le sserafim would look so much better in levi jeans…

Seungri reformed

flopserafim, sakura and chimpwon so ugly, no one take them as ambassadors 🙂

Last edited 19 days ago by Seungri reformed

They are going to replace Blackpink for being IG models instead of being musicians.🤭


But those girls have more music credits in their debut year than bp’s in 8 years career


They need to or else they will be easily forgotten

Color color stan

ikr but people are token stanning them so hard


That’s a lie. NJ literally has 6 songs and not all of it has NJ credits. BP has more credits.


Hybe stan (read: army) challenge to stop being obsessed with blackpink. Challenge failed

Biogenesis Engineer

I hope next would be DNA, Genome, Homunculus or Clones companies take the opportunity as well, because their name is also a puns to New Genes.


Hybe mediaplay is out of level 📈 they better be joking. This girlies living life with golden spoon. But when hybe’s mediaplay is over, they will have nothing left


This actually fits them so well LMAO

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