“It’s media play” Aespa who participates in Coachella through 88rising

Aespa who participates in Coachella through 88rising

88Rising = A label that introduces Asian musicians and artists in the US

1. Isn’t there an article saying that they will be performing on the main stage?! So SM did media play..?

2. Well, they weren’t invited by Coachella, they were invited by 88Rising

3. Whether they were invited by Coachella or 88Rising, 2NE1 is still the first girl group to stand on the main stage

4. I like Aespa, but I feel offended by SM’s pun

5. I feel sorry for BLACKPINK who just got dragged along by the bad things

6. But is that important? They’ll be performing on Coachella anyway

7. SM is crazy.. Why did they emphasize the words ‘first’ and ‘main’?

8. We fight every day for nothing, seriously…

9. They said they would perform on the main stage, but I thought it was weird because they weren’t in the lineup

10. I bet SM is obsessed with BLACKPINK

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